6 Ways to Have a Not So Spooky Halloween

Are you one of those parents who is SO excited to experience Halloween with your little ones but struggling to find some not-so-spooky ways to celebrate? Then I’ve got you covered! You see, my boys might be dressed as superheroes this year but they are definitely on the timid side, so we have found seven tried and true ways to have some Halloween fun minus the ghosts and ghouls that tend to create nightmares *gasp* that will keep everyone up at night.


  1. Engage in some clean sensory play! After carving your pumpkins, put all of the pumpkin guts and seeds into a gallon sized plastic baggie and tape all of the corners shut. Then let your little one poke, smoosh, and squeeze as much as he or she wants! You can also make some homemade play dough and put little Halloween toys in it, such as spiders and skeletons. And if you are willing to make a bit of a mess, cook some spaghetti, add some green dye, and make some creepy brains to play around with!
  2. Cuddle up and watch a not very spooky Halloween show or movie together! You can never go wrong with “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” or the Halloween themed episodes of Disney Junior favorites like Octonauts Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Here are some other not so scary family friendly movie options.
  3. Have a Halloween scavenger hunt! Looking for ways to kill the time before trick or treating officially starts? Set up a Halloween themed I Spy Scavenger Hunt. Brainstorm a list of Halloween related things (pumpkins, bats, scarecrows, candy, etc.) and either walk or drive around your neighborhood looking for these objects. Cross off each item you I Spy and then head home for a treat to celebrate a successful scavenger hunt.
  4. Make some yummy Halloween themed treats! There are TONS of options over on Pinterest, but if you are a lazy mom like me, stick with something simple. Put a spin on Rice Krispies treats by adding green food dye, some chocolate accents, and googly eyes to make the most adorable Frankenstein sweets. Or simply get some pretzel sticks, frosting, sprinkles, and go to town! You can also spice up a pudding cup by adding crushed cookies and candies to make it look extra spooky. One last option is to set up an caramel apple bar…at least the apple has some healthy aspects to it!
  5. Light the night! One of the things that makes my kids anxious about trick or treating is walking around our neighborhood in the dark. So I stock up on glow sticks and light them up on Halloween. Make bracelets, tape them to your child’s candy bucket…even light up your stroller if you are bringing one!
  6. Read some Halloween books while enjoying some delicious apple cider or hot chocolate. Our favorite spooky books? It’s Halloween, Stinky Face, Trick Arr Treat, and Room on the Broom are hits in our house!
  7. Drive around and look at spooky decorations! So many people go all out for Halloween, and inflatables are big hits. Looking for some specific addresses to visit? Here you go!


Looking for other ways to celebrate the big pumpkin? Then check out these easy ways to simplify Halloween.

Happy Halloween!
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  1. robin rue says

    Oh yeah, we don’t do spooky over here, either. The kids are going trick or treating, but we’ve spent the last week watching fun family Halloween movies.

  2. Amber Myers says

    We LOVE the spooky over here. Well. My daughter does. I jump a lot. She’s a scary clown for Halloween and can’t wait to go out tonight. But your ideas sound fun!

  3. candy says

    Wonderful ways to have a not so spooky Halloween. Should just be fun and non scary for those who don’t enjoy that part of Halloween. Love to look at the decorations.

  4. Tomi C says

    I’m with you, not too spooky at our house and it’s not the kids, it’s ME! We keep it fun so everyone can enjoy and we keep lots of glow sticks on hand to make sure we’re safe.

  5. Jeanette says

    I love the idea of having a Halloween scavenger hunt! Thought about doing something like that but it would be a good way to rev up the night before trick-or-treating.

  6. Roger D Willis says

    Our kids are having kids of their own, so this would be something neat and fun to do with them. They’re still at the age where spooky could have an impact on them. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  7. Claudia Krusch says

    These are great ways to have fun on Halloween. A Halloween scavenger hunt is a great idea. The kids always like to look for treasure.

  8. Marysa says

    These are such fun ideas! Halloween can be such a busy time of year, and these are cute projects to do aside from the regular trick or treating. All the spooky stuff can get overwhelming for kids and it is nice to have some options that are a bit calmer!

  9. Nikki says

    We didn’t do spooky for the longest time because it freaked my son out. We always watched “kid-spooky” movies, like Monster House and Nightmare Before Christmas. These are all cute ideas.

  10. Kisa says

    I rather like spooky decorations. I haven’t really seen any good spooky houses in years. I have to say the frankenstein’s monster treats look cute!

  11. ANOSA says

    Indeed such great ideas for the Halloween party. I guess the scavenger hunt is always the best. Kids indeed love to check out this kind of treats.

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