45 Things To Be Thankful For

Let’s face it…2016 has been a ROUGH year. Violence, hatred, a heated election season…it’s been pretty miserable. Thank goodness the Cubs were able to provide a highlight in what has been an otherwise horrible year. But instead of being down in the dumps and depressed this Thanksgiving, I’m focusing on finding the joy and you should too. Need some inspiration? Here are 45 things that this exhausted Chicago Mom is thankful for

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  1. Friends that are like family.
  2. Reliable and loving babysitters.
  3. Our mild and beautiful Fall weather (the upside of Global Warming, right?!?)
  4. Drive thru coffee shops.
  5. Family movie nights and the fact that “Finding Dory” is finally available to rent.
  6. Going on long walks with my dog.
  7. Reading a really good book, the kind that makes you stay up way too late but is oh so worth it.
  8. Kind and thoughtful neighbors who remind you when you forget to put out your cans on Garbage Day.
  9. Friends that embrace and celebrate my odd intricacies like not putting milk in my cereal and being terrified of mustard.
  10. Lavender lattes.
  11. The sound of my children’s giggles.
  12. Going to the bathroom. ALONE.
  13. Date nights.
  14. The fact that the dismal Bears season is almost over.
  15. My boys’ hardworking, kind, and patient teachers.
  16. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
  17. When my kids behave when out to eat at a restaurant like these.
  18. Kids who sleep through the night.
  19. Dry shampoo.
  20. The ability to say “no” to people.
  21. My best friend, who also happens to be my husband.
  22. Cuddles.
  23. Being published on some wonderful parenting websites, including Chicago Parent and Mamapedia.
  24. The sight of W flags all over Chicagoland.
  25. My biggest blog reader….my husband’s boss.
  26. Making new friends who don’t judge me when my kids’ shoes are on the wrong feet.
  27. The ability to run, even though it might not be my favorite activity in the world.
  28. My sisters.
  29. Friday night pizza parties.
  30. Running my own successful business.
  31. The Rose’ craze.
  32. My smart and sassy Nana.
  33. Pie shops with amazing coffee and coffee shops with amazing pie.
  34. Shonda Rhimes.
  35. The return of the original Nintendo.
  36. Laughing so hard that I cry.
  37. A dog to clean up all the crumbs on the floor.
  38. Christmas decorations.
  39. People who wait until after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations.
  40. The inspiring and positive community I have met through Instagram.
  41. Shoe sales.
  42. Play dates with sweet kids who have cool parents.
  43. Letting go of the need to have a bikini body.
  44. A husband who listens to my random ramblings…most of the time.
  45. Readers like you!

What are you thankful for? I would love to hear it! Also, don’t miss my tips for how to raise grateful kids.

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  1. Doria says

    Wow, this list is amazing! I’m thankful for my little family first and foremost, but in addition to that, I’m thankful for some of the amazing adventures we’ve had this year and those to come next year!

    • Amanda says

      You are so right. It is so important to stop and be still…then the world seems like a less complicated and more complete place.

  2. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg just love this!!!!!! I have a few of the same things on my thankful list 😉 We al have so much to be thankful for!!!!

  3. Kari says

    My biggest blog reader…. my husband’s boss. Love it!! He lectures me sometimes when I asked questions that have already been answered on your blog.
    Example: I took an overtired toddler to 4th of July fireworks and paid dearly for it. Answer: should’ve read Amanda’s post.

    Also completely agree that #43 is overrated 🙂

  4. uprunforlife says

    I love your list especially the dog licking up the crumbs. Our dogs do that and it makes clean up so much easier especially if the little one drops food on the floor or chair. If it is in the chair, I just push it in the floor for the dogs to clean up.

    This year has been hard for me. I have a ton of health problems but I am thankful that we caught my rheumatoid arthritis early so that I could get immediate treatment so it doesn’t destroy all of my joints.

  5. adriana says

    Could not agree more with all of these!! Friends that are like family and drive thru coffee shops – YES! Love this post!!

  6. Rozilyn Cool says

    I am so thankful for my family, and friends. Over the past year there have been many changes, I am thankful for new and old friends who have stuck by me. I’m thankful for me.

  7. Amanda says

    I know I am guilty of ignoring so many things to be thankful for at other times of the year. I will have to re-read this in February.

  8. Tiffany Snedaker says

    I’m dying at your going to the bathroom alone. So true! I have a 3 year old who thinks it is the end of the world if she isn’t in the bathroom with me. You have a really great list and it’s pause for reflection on what I am thankful for. Thank you for sharing!

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