My Favorite Parenting Short Cut: Pak’d

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It’s safe to say that all of us parents are looking forward to sending our kids back to school. A return to structure, learning, playing…and packing lunches. Sigh.  Parents definitely get the short end of the stick, don’t we? There have been so many times I have pulled myself out of bed late at night […]

Why I Need a Vacation From My Summer Vacation

I Need a Vacation From Summer Vacation -

I need a vacation from summer vacation. Seriously. I can’t take one more day of sweating at the zoo, avoiding the scalding hot slides at the park, or packing the car one more time for a beach trip. Seriously. I just can’t do it. And for those of you who keep posting “summer please don’t […]

The Best Kids’ Consignment Stores in Chicagoland

My Favorite Consignment Shops in Chicagoland -

Everywhere you look (including my blog sidebar—there are so many great sales going on right now!), there are TONS of Back to School sales going on. Which is totally awesome, but what about if you are looking for some more unique clothing that no one else at school will be wearing? Then I’m going to […]

Water Based Learning Activities to Get Your Kids Ready for School

Water Based Learning Activities to Get Your Kids Ready for School -

Everywhere I look there are back to school advertisements and as much as I am excited for Fall (hello, pumpkin spiced lattes) why is there such a rush to say goodbye to summer?!?! I mean, there are so many fun ways to prepare for school while celebrating the heat wave that August tends to bring […]

Why Motherhood Should Be an Olympic Sport

Why Motherhood Should be an Olympic Sport -

Like many Americans and sports enthusiasts around the world, I am getting Olympic Fever. But here’s the thing…I feel like I am competing in the Olympics every day. I might not have the physique or talent as the amazing athletes representing their countries from around the world, but I feel like I should be winning […]

One Last Summer Fling at Pirate’s Cove

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Not ready for summer to be over? Me neither (although I do love Fall…those Pumpkin Spice Lattes are calling my name!). So that’s why we are soaking up every last second of summer by going to favorite old stand byes and hidden gems before it’s too late. Our favorite place for one last summer fling? […]

Quick and Easy Summer Meals with Wild Garden

Quick Summer Meals - Bulgar Bowl -

As much as I love summer, there is one thing I don’t like about the warm temps and long days: Being stuck inside to make a meal. I mean, who wants to be trapped inside a hot kitchen when there are beautiful sunny skies to take advantage of? That’s why I’m so glad I discovered […]

Christmas in July for Kids–Santa’s Village

Christmas in July - Santa's Village - Boat -

Dreaming about Christmas in July? I’m sure I’m not the only Chicagoland parent fantasizing about cooler weather (I mean, hello humidity!) and lucky for us there is a fun place to celebrate Santa and all of the joy he brings in the middle of the summer: Santa’s Village. This summertime amusement park designed for kiddos […]

Four Ways to Keep Kids Safe this Summer

Four Ways to Keep Kids Safe This Summer -

While summer is a time for us to be a bit more carefree, staying up late and sometimes having ice cream for dinner, it is also a time to be vigilant about child safety. Pools can be very dangerous and the littlest ones are susceptible to heat stroke and exhaustion dealing with the heat and […]